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We are NOT a plaintiffs’ mill. What does that mean?

A plaintiffs’ mill is a law firm in search of quick cash flow, and achieves this by ultimately taking advantage of their clients. By having relationships with insurance companies, and by emphasizing to the client the possibilities of losing, they end up settling their client’s case (yours) for far less than a jury would likely award in a trial or that you may otherwise attain through settlement if the insurance company knows that your attorney will not hesitate to take your case to trial. But why would they do that? To make money.

How do they make money?

These plaintiffs’ mill lawyers make a lot of money by settling a large number of cases, while spending relatively very little time on each case. For example, if they settle a case worth $100,000 for $30,000 with an hours worth of time, they earn $10,000 per hour compared to spending 50 hours or more to attain the $100,000 which would yield the attorney $800 an hour.  This approach is typically paired with a massive advertising campaign, allowing them to churn through clients and make quick cash on every case. The one who suffers is the client – be careful to not make that mistake.

How are we different? Well, consider a couple of our latest cases that went to trial.

Christopher Galindo Cota v. Dos Santos, et al.
What happened:

Ms. Dos Santos, made a lane change from the left lane into the right lane.  Mr. Galindo Cota was lane splitting and a couple feet to the right of Ms. Dos Santos, when her vehicle entered into his path of travel.  Her vehicle made contact with the handlebar of Mr. Galindo Cota’s motorcycle causing Mr. Galindo Cota to fall off the bike and sustain injuries.

Medical bills:

Mr. Cota’s medical bills for his injuries amounted to approximately $381,000, which Mr. Cota’s retained billing expert testified the suggested reasonable cost of treatment to be $270,876.05. How was he able to pay? Mr. Khorshidi advanced $14,000 to Mr. Cota to pay his emergency room bill.  The rest of the medical  treatment was rendered on a “lien” basis, meaning the doctors will defer collection on the bills until the case resolves. They did this for our client because of our law firm’s winning track record, and careful selection of legitimate cases and winning cases.


Defendant Dos Santos’ insurance carrier hired several experts to support their position that Mr. Cota had comparative fault for the accident, that his injuries were only soft tissue,  that the medical treatment he received for pain, other than the ER and some therapy, were not indicated, and that the reasonable and necessary medical bills should have amounted to under $39,000.  Defendant denied all liability until shortly before trial at which time Defendant took the position that she was only partially at fault and asked the jury to attribute at least 50% liability to Mr. Cota (the jury attributed only 15%).

Defendant Dos Santos’ retained pain management expert testified that none of the pain management Mr. Cota underwent was indicated essentially because his lumbar MRI did not show any anatomical injury or even any foraminal stenosis (foraminal stenosis is the narrowing or tightening of the openings between the bones in your spine. These small openings are called the foramen. Foraminal stenosis is a specific type of spinal stenosis.)   Defendants also hired a radiologist expert to opine that the lumbar MRI did not show any anatomical injury or foraminal stenosis or other evidence of injury that would be caused by the accident and an Orthopedic expert to testify that Mr. Cota should have probably gone to an orthopedic doctor first and to dispute the bulk of Mr. Cota’s treatment consisting of pain management.

Defendant’s insurance carrier also hired an accident reconstruction expert (who was also a motorcycle safety expert and a biomechanical engineer) experts who testified in essence that Mr. Cota should not have been lane splitting and could have avoided the accident had he not been riding so close to Ms. Dos Santos’ vehicle.  They also hired a human factors expert in support of their position that Ms. Dos Santos made a gradual lane change and Mr. Cota was at fault for not avoiding the accident.

The Khorshidi Law Firm, on behalf of Mr. Cota, hired an accident reconstruction expert, a human factors expert, a pain management expert and a billing expert, who the jury found more believable as reflected in their award of $770,000.

Settlement offer:

The highest offer Ms. Cota’s insurance carrier offered was $125,000 at one point (2 years after the accident) and refused to increase their offer even through mediation and despite our offer to continue the settlement dialogue.

Trial & Conclusion

At trial, defendant’s attorneys asked the jury to award no more than $39,000 for medical bills and no more than $50,000 for pain and suffering and to further attribute “at least” 50% fault to Mr. Cota (therefore Defendant’s insurance company hired lawyers wanted the jury to award a total recovery of less than $45,000).

The jury trial lasted11 days, starting on 12/1/2021 and ending on 12/15/2021.  Our client was awarded $770,000 (remember, the highest the defendant’s insurance offered was $125,000) and was attributed only 15% liability (thereby reducing the award to $654,500).  Our client is also entitled to recover reasonable costs of litigation he would otherwise not receive with a settlement.

Khorshidi Law Firm, APC advanced over $100,000 of it’s own money to give our client his day in court and prove up his case.  As you can see, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs, we will do whatever it takes to obtain a recovery for you that is fair.

We never gave up on our client Mr. Cota and got him what he deserved.  We will do the same for you.

Thanyakan Buchsamaro v. Patel et al.
What happened:

A lady, Mrs. Patel, backed her Mercedes SUV out of a Farmers market parking lot and hit a vehicle. She continued backing out and subsequently hit a second vehicle (a truck), and finally came to a stop as her SUV struck a fence. The second vehicle (the truck), jumped the curb and struck our client Ms. Buchsamaro, who was sitting on a folding chair in her booth, where she was selling Orchids at the Farmers Market.

Ms. Buchsamaro’s accident occurred on September 4, 2013. The case proceeded to trial 4 years later as a result of the insurance carrier’s unwillingness to be fair.

Medical bills:

Ms. Buchsamaro’s medical bills for her injuries amounted to approximately $278,000, with an estimated $50,000 more of future medical care. How was she able to pay? All of the medical treatment was rendered on a “lien” basis, meaning the doctors will defer collection on the bills until the case resolves. They did this for our client because of our law firm’s winning track record, and careful selection of legitimate cases and winning cases.


Mrs. Patel, the driver of the vehicle, and her insurance company AAA, disputed everything. Among many things, they claimed the truck didn’t jump the curb, that our client never got hit by the truck, and that even if she was injured, it was a very minor soft tissue injury. AAA brought in witnesses, and even hired a neurosurgeon to testify. (For more details, view our blog post here)

Settlement offer:

AAA offered $300,000 at one point (3 years after the accident) but our client demanded $400,000 to cover the medical expenses and just some money for the pain and suffering. AAA did not budge, and when we offered to continue the settlement dialogue, AAA reduced their offer to $15,000

Trial & Conclusion

After a 10 day trial, which started on 8/14/17 and ended on 8/29/17, the jury deliberated and unanimously found the defendants at fault for the accident. Our client was awarded $734,000 (remember, the highest AAA offered was $300,000). This was a unanimous decision by all 12 jurors.

As you can see, no matter how long it takes, we will do everything we can to win your case. We never gave up on our client Ms. Buchsamaro and got her what she deserved.

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