Amputation Injury

Disfigurement injuries and amputations take an emotional and physical toll on victims that cannot be cured by a court settlement – only eased. Attorneys must do all they can to recover large settlements for their clients in order to ensure they are taken care of medically for the rest of their lives.

Amputation injuries are more common than many people believe. An amputation is the loss of a body part, or its forced removal. These injuries are often caused by trauma such as: a fall, workplace accident involving machinery, or a motor vehicle accident such as a car or bus accident, especially motorcycle accident.

The main cause of amputations is vascular disease with the second leading being trauma, such as with a motor vehicle accident. When someone is injured in a terrible accident, it may be necessary to medically amputate a part of their body in order for the person to survive.

For instance, if an individual working with machinery got a finger or a limb caught in the machine, such an accident may result in an amputation injury. Most amputation injuries are the result of similar work site accidents. However they can also occur at home due to a defective piece of machinery, appliance or other product. If the accident was due to poor safety regulations, improperly maintained equipment, design defect or other product defect, or any other condition outside of the victim’s control, a personal injury lawsuit may be legally necessary.

Amputation injuries are very serious, with recovery requiring months, or sometimes even years, to complete. If the amputation was of a limb, the person may be permanently disabled and may never be able to go back to work. These victims will need and are entitled to compensation for their injury in order to secure funds for their future. Compensation will also take care of the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other relevant expenses.

There are two types of amputations: partial and complete. A partial amputation occurs when your appendage tissue is partially severed, and your limb remains attached. The entire appendage is cut off in a complete amputation. In both types of amputation injuries, it may be possible to reattach the limb or body part.

Lower limbs are the most common limbs to be affected by amputation.

Fingers and hands are also prone to amputation when caught in defective machinery and the like. In some cases, arms may be amputated at the elbow or higher based on the extent of the injury sustained.

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