Important Checklists

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Let's check what our clients want to know frequent from us. We have listed them all for your convenience.

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Instructions to Clients

Your cooperation is important in making certain that your case proceeds smoothly. Keep us informed. If you have any new...

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Auto Accident Checklist

If you are injured, make sure you go to the ER (Emergency Room) and immediately follow up with your doctor if you continue to have...

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Slip and Fall Checklist

Document location of the Accident, including general description of the scene, and date and time of the accident...

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Injured in an Accident, Now what?

Do not discuss your case with anyone. The reason for this is that what may appear to be an innocent remark on your part...

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Awards and Ratings

  • Litigator 2014 personal injury trial attorney award for Khorshidi Law Firm
    Winner of Litigator Award 2014 Personal Injury Trial Lawyer
  • Litigator 2015 top 1% of lawyers award for Khorshidi Law Firm
    Winner of Litigator Award 2015 Ranked Top 1% of Lawyers
  • Best Attorneys of America, lifetime charter member award for Khorshidi Law Firm Best Attorneys of America, Lifetime Charter Member
  • Million dollar advocates forum, lifetime member Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Lifetime Charter Member
  • Avvo Superb Rating. Top Personal Injury Attorney
  • Avvo rating superb award for top car accident attorney Avvo Superb Rating. Top Car Accident Attorney

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