What an amazing attorney! Mr. Khorshidi was tenacious and knowledgeable. I can’t express just how pleased I am with Mr. Khorshidi’s handling of my personal injury case. He apprised me of every move and ensured I got a settlement that I deserved after a slip and fall. He kept my interest at the forefront and refused to settle for less than what I was entitled and deserving of. I appreciated his candor and straight forwardness. His tenacity and experience resulted in an award that I am beyond pleased with. If you are looking for an exceptional personal injury lawyer, look no further than Mr. Khorshidi. I highly recommend him! I simply can’t say enough good things about him. Ellie B.June, 2015

I became a client of Khorshidi Law firm back in May, 2012 after getting into a car accident. Omid Khoshidi was my representative, and I could not have asked for better service or a better outcome” only lawyer that I know that returns your calls”. I originally had not planned to take action after my accident although i did have some injures, I just wanted to have my car fixed. But i felt other person’s insurance company was trying to take advantage of my easy-going attitude. When I contacted Khorshidi Law firm , Omid met me for a courtesy consultation to determine if I had a case or not. Omid and his crew cover me with love and great advice through this most difficult time. So sit back and be patient; rest assured Omid will get the job done so you can worry about healing and not financial suffering. As a client and now a friend who has suffered from a very injury I would recommend Khorshidi Law Firm to the all friends and stranger how are just in the business of self preservation. Elizabeth H.June, 2015

I was involved in a car accident and at first I tried to go without an attorney but between my insurance and the other party I got lost. My back was in a very bad condition and I needed help with my case then I got referred to Mr. Khorshidi by a relative. Mr. Khorshidi took care of all my medical needs and my case and from that moment I got all my medical treatment and my case was settled to my utmost satisfaction.
I recommend him and his services to anyone in need of a great attorney. Fay S.Feb., 2015

In July 2012 I was in a automobile accident and I was lucky to be referred to the Khorshidi & Sadighim Law firm. It has been one and a half years (1 1/2) from the accident to settlement date. A long time. My experience with Omid Khorshidi had been great. I am a firm believer that if you call someone then you need to have a response. I was pleased to be given that respect. I will tell anyone that dealing with this Law Firm, in any kind of accident is the way to go. I have been informed every step of the way. Love my Attorney. Omid Khorshidi Law Firm is to be trusted. Thank you Omid Khorshidi, Attorney at Law! Joan M.Jan., 2014

I heard about Mr. khorshidi through a friend . He is very knowledgeable and takes time to walk u through process and kept me informed about my case I didn’t have to call him. For anyone looking for the best I would most definitely call Mr. Khorshidi. Lisa B.Dec., 2013

I came here after my insurance company tried to scam me. I was sad and broke, and my friend Anna recommended Omid Khorshidi to help me with my injuries and my case. I spoke with them and explained my dilemma. Since I am a single mother, I cannot afford a lot of lawyer fees and my insurance company was not going to help pay my hospital bills. But Omid worked with me and helped me get back on my feet by winning my case. I am so grateful. Mary D.Oct., 2013

After being involved in a car accident, and injuring myself, I was faced with vast medical bills. I was referred to Khorshidi Law Firm, by a close friend. Not only did Khorshidi & Sadighim calm my nerves, they managed to help me in more ways than one.
As you may know law suits particularly PI Cases can take years to move forwards. Khorshidi & Sadighim kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. With a trial date around the corner, Korshidi & Sadighim managed to settle my case without the added stress of going to trial. Additionally the settlement they managed to have me awarded was by far more than I anticipated.
I strongly recommend Khorshidi & Sadighim. They are assertive, courteous, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about all matters of Personal Injury Cases. I am so appreciative of the help and care they provided me and do not know what I would have done without them. Josh Y.Dec., 2012

I’ve never felt compelled to write a testimonial before, since I feel people and organizations should do a job as best as they can. HOWEVER, I strongly feel that telling my story to anyone who will benefit from my experience with Khorshidi Law Firm is a story that should be shared.
Khorshidi Law Firm came highly recommended to me, and has been an exceptional experience and a law firm I will be grateful to forever. I called upon them only 2 weeks shy of my deadline to file a claim in court against the liable insurance company after trying, effortlessly, to negotiate on my own (what a mistake trying to negotiate without a lawyer).
I was lucky Omid Khorshidi even agreed to see me, let alone take my case with such short notice and damage control from all my previous contacts and conversations with the insurance company.
They are the first law firm I felt complete trust in; to do what was best for me. Omid Khorshidi and Roxana Sadighim were tough and unwavering while representing me and dealing with my opposing parties, yet compassionate and considerate of my opinions and wishes pertaining to my case and how it would affect me long term. They always kept me informed, prepared and promptly returned any phone messages.
Before any depositions, mediations or court dates, I was always briefed and prepared truthfully on what to expect. I never felt unimportant or just like “another client”. They truly made me feel special and cared for … like I was one of their own.
They took care of legal issues I never even knew existed, nor would I have been able to handle with such expertise, knowledge and strategies. They used methods and presented issues to the defense attorney, mediators and courts that were just beyond what I ever expected.
Before I called Omid Khorshidi to represent me, the opposing insurance companies had me near tears. They made me feel like a villain for seeking compensation for my injuries and medical treatment from an accident where their policyholder was completely at fault. They treated me horribly and talked to me as if I had no right to even approach them for a settlement, with a “take our token-offer or leave it” attitude, because as far a they were concerned, “there was nothing I could do about it.”
But there was … and it was Khorshidi Law Firm.
In the end, Khorshidi Law Firm got me 25 times the “token-offer” the insurance company made to me. When it came to getting fair compensation, they never backed down and would not let me settle for less than my case was worth.
They are very disciplined and determined to take care of their clients’ best interest. Their integrity is to be honored.
There is no better law firm for representation. I will always turn to them and would only recommend them … over and above any other law firm, ever! Charlotte J.Jan., 2011

A couple of months ago I got into a really bad motorcycle accident. I lost my left leg. I found some lawyers from a friend of a friend. They seem to be good at first, but I felt like they were not very proactive about my case. I always had to initiate calls to them to find out what was going on in my case.
With Khorshidi Law, they’ve been really great! They’ve kept me informed and updated about my case. I don’t have to chase after them for information or to give information. Mr. Khorshidi is very straight forward; there’s no lawyer BS.
If you’re looking for a great personal injury lawyer, give them a try. Perry K.Oct., 2010

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