Yesenia P Verified Client
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Omid Khorshidi is excellent and very hard working! He helped my mother so much when she had her accident. Helped her get 2 surgeries, transportation, and therapy to recover! Definitely recommend him, he will not disappoint!!!

Posted on: 21 March, 2020
Alan Naim Verified Client
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Great Law Firm, I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me Omid! We rarely get to see what happens behind the scene of a lawsuit, but knowing how complex my case was, I needed the wisest and most aggressive attorney in LA, and the best is who I ended up with.
Omid, Thanks for taking my case when other attorneys refused.

Posted on: 23 January, 2020
daisy c. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

If honesty, loyalty, and true justice is what you are looking for, than Mr. Khorshidi is your guy! He has been my husbands lawyer, helping us cope with a traumatic and life-changing event. From the beginning, Mr. Khorshidi gave us hope that we would get justice, he also stood by our side, guided us through the upmost professional direction, and made sure my husband got the best medical attention!! He is undoubtedly the best at what he does! We were able to sleep at night knowing someone of his caliber was handling our critical case! Thank you Mr. Khorshidi for everything

Posted on: 21 March, 2017
Rafik G. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

I am so thankful I had this firm representing me through this crazy and confusing process. They never gave up on me or my case, Mr. Khorshidi and staff worked hard to get me a better than expected settlement…..Yay!!!!

They were with me from beginning to end. They were timely in assisting me gathering the documents and info I needed to begin working on my case. From there Mr. Khorshidi and staff took charge and spearheaded my case for me. Timely and thorough with getting back to me and resolving any questions of mine that came along the way. I appreciate the kindness and professionalism that you guys demonstrated throughout my case…

Posted on: 28 March, 2016
Fay S. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

I was involved in a car accident and at first I tried to go without an attorney but between my insurance and the other party I got lost. My back was in a very bad condition and I needed help with my case then I got referred to Mr. Khorshidi by a relative. Mr. Khorshidi took care of all my medical needs and my case and from that moment I got all my medical treatment and my case was settled to my utmost satisfaction.
I recommend him and his services to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Posted on: 20 February, 2015
Mydygma N. Verified Client
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Amazing, Excellent, Exceptional law firm! Mr Khorshidi is literally a badass lawyer. He will fight for you like a lion and make sure you’ll get what you were asking for. He’s supersmart, super professional, a man of a word, very experienced, well educated and recognizable lawyer. Highly and wholeheartedly recommended! Thank you so much Mr Khorshidi for everything!! His team is great, thanks to lovely Gina who has enough patience for me!!!!

Posted on: 15 June, 2015
Yuri R. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

It’s been three years since my car accident. Despite the time it’s taken to get better and settle my case, Omid and his staff have guided me every step of the way. From getting me to the greatest doctors for the best of care to understanding legal documents I was signing. Omid has represented my friends, family and myself in various cases. His work has been nothing short of outstanding. He goes above and beyond to get YOU, his client the best possible outcome!

As your current and even former client, I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for me and anyone I have referred you. My best interest was always your main concern and I am forever grateful. I trusted you completely and you truly lived up to your potential.

Best ,

Posted on: 26 January, 2017
Duane M. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

We cannot thank Omid Khorshidi enough for his incredible representation in our personal injury case. After realizing we needed representation in our case we could not be happier that we chose Khorshidi Law Firm. His dogged and unending determination to acquire the best possible result for myself and my fiancée was nothing short of awesome. Having watched many courtroom and legal dramas over the years on tv I can honestly tell you it’s immeasurably different in real life. It was very apparent as our case progressed that Mr. Khorshidi was not going to just “quickly” settle our case. He not only confronted the big insurance company but tackled them and made them “tap out”. We hope that we will never have a need in the future to retain a personal injury attorney. However if the need does arise Omid Khorshidi will be our one and only choice. Thanks again for your awesome representation. We will be referring you to all our friends and family should they ever have a need for a great attorney.

Posted on: 08 October, 2016
Ellie B. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

I can’t express just how pleased I am with Mr. Khorshidi’s handling of my personal injury case. He kept my interest at the forefront and refused to settle for less than what I was entitled and deserving of. I appreciated his candor and straight forwardness. His tenacity and experience resulted in an award that I am beyond pleased with.

If you are looking for an exceptional personal injury lawyer, look no further than Mr. Khorshidi. I simply can’t say enough good things about him.

Posted on: 28 April, 2015
Perry K. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

A couple of months ago I got into a really bad motorcycle accident. I lost my left leg. I found some lawyers from a friend of a friend. They seem to be good at first, but I felt like they were not very proactive about my case. I always had to initiate calls to them to find out what was going on in my case.

With Khorshidi Law, they’ve been really great! They’ve kept me informed and updated about my case. I don’t have to chase after them for information or to give information. Mr. Khorshidi is very straight forward; there’s no lawyer BS.

If you’re looking for a great personal injury lawyer, give them a try.

Posted on: 20 October, 2010

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