Yuri R. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

It’s been three years since my car accident. Despite the time it’s taken to get better and settle my case, Omid and his staff have guided me every step of the way. From getting me to the greatest doctors for the best of care to understanding legal documents I was signing. Omid has represented my friends, family and myself in various cases. His work has been nothing short of outstanding. He goes above and beyond to get YOU, his client the best possible outcome!

As your current and even former client, I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for me and anyone I have referred you. My best interest was always your main concern and I am forever grateful. I trusted you completely and you truly lived up to your potential.

Best ,

Posted on: 26 January, 2017
Duane M. Verified Client
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We cannot thank Omid Khorshidi enough for his incredible representation in our personal injury case. After realizing we needed representation in our case we could not be happier that we chose Khorshidi Law Firm. His dogged and unending determination to acquire the best possible result for myself and my fiancée was nothing short of awesome. Having watched many courtroom and legal dramas over the years on tv I can honestly tell you it’s immeasurably different in real life. It was very apparent as our case progressed that Mr. Khorshidi was not going to just “quickly” settle our case. He not only confronted the big insurance company but tackled them and made them “tap out”. We hope that we will never have a need in the future to retain a personal injury attorney. However if the need does arise Omid Khorshidi will be our one and only choice. Thanks again for your awesome representation. We will be referring you to all our friends and family should they ever have a need for a great attorney.

Posted on: 08 October, 2016
Ellie B. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

I can’t express just how pleased I am with Mr. Khorshidi’s handling of my personal injury case. He kept my interest at the forefront and refused to settle for less than what I was entitled and deserving of. I appreciated his candor and straight forwardness. His tenacity and experience resulted in an award that I am beyond pleased with.

If you are looking for an exceptional personal injury lawyer, look no further than Mr. Khorshidi. I simply can’t say enough good things about him.

Posted on: 28 April, 2015
Perry K. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

A couple of months ago I got into a really bad motorcycle accident. I lost my left leg. I found some lawyers from a friend of a friend. They seem to be good at first, but I felt like they were not very proactive about my case. I always had to initiate calls to them to find out what was going on in my case.

With Khorshidi Law, they’ve been really great! They’ve kept me informed and updated about my case. I don’t have to chase after them for information or to give information. Mr. Khorshidi is very straight forward; there’s no lawyer BS.

If you’re looking for a great personal injury lawyer, give them a try.

Posted on: 20 October, 2010
Joshua Yampolski Verified Client
Review on Google

After being involved in a car accident, and injuring myself, I was faced with vast medical bills. I was referred to Khorshidi Law Firm by a close friend. Not only did Khorshidi & Sadighim calm my nerves, they managed to help me in more ways than one. As you may know law suits particularly PI Cases can take years to move forwards. Khorshidi & Sadighim kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. With a trial date around the corner, Korshidi & Sadighim managed to settle my case without the added stress of going to trial. Additionally the settlement they managed to have me awarded was by far more than I anticipated. I strongly recommend Khorshidi & Sadighim. They are assertive, courteous, helpful and extremely knowledgable about all matters of Personal Injury Cases. I am so appreciative of the help and care they provided me and do not know what I would have done without them.

Posted on: 15 June, 2015
Alexander J. Verified Client
Review on Google

Was referred to him by a previous client who said he’d take care of me. I was pleased with the overall service and he was able to further negociate a larger settlement for me even after the terms were final from the insurer. Even mannered, respectful and will find you the best dottores in the city! Brutally honest, he told me up front about trying to bs your case and feign pains. Definitely not your mother’s schyster who’ll sell the court anything to make a quick buck.

Posted on: 15 June, 2015
Irina Verified Client
Review on Avvo

Best Litigator
Omid is hard working, dedicated and relentless! Easygoing, yet will fight for you until the end. If you want maximum outcome from an experienced professional, Omid is your man! The results speak for themselves!

Posted on: 30 September, 2016
Elizabeth h. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

I became a client of Khorshidi Law firm back in May, 2012 after getting into a car accident. Omid Khoshidi was my representative, and I could not have asked for better service or a better outcome” only lawyer that I know that returns your calls”. I originally had not planned to take action after my accident although i did have some injures, I just wanted to have my car fixed. But i felt other person’s insurance company was trying to take advantage of my easy-going attitude. When I contacted Khorshidi Law firm , Omid met me for a courtesy consultation to determine if I had a case or not. Omid and his crew cover me with love and great advice through this most difficult time. So sit back and be patient; rest assured Omid will get the job done so you can worry about healing and not financial suffering. As a client and now a friend who has suffered from a very injury I would recommend Khorshidi Law Firm to the all friends and stranger how are just in the business of self preservation.

Posted on: 02 June, 2015
Francis G. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

My husband and I were injured in a bad car accident in 2014 where our faces smashed into the plexiglass windshied when we t-boned an SUV. Both of us had broken noses–his was torn wide open and broken in six places. I had my lip split all the way up to my nose. It was really awful all around and we lost a lot of work for our treatments (my husband had to have reconstructive surgery) and we were both in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, the car that hit us had the bare minimum auto insurance coverage and we didn’t have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

The team at Khorshidi Law were excellent at every step of the process. They explained all of our rights, the insurance procedures, the issues with medical liens, etc. They were patient and came across as caring and understanding. Whenever we had a question or concern, they were very accessible via phone or email and answered our questions thoroughly. Couldn’t be happier with their service and professionalism.

So definitely consider this firm if you are looking for excellent lawyers and peace of mind.

There are two other morals to this little story.

1. Don’t go with those big shot law groups that you see on TV and on billboards because they won’t give you the attention you need and deserve.

2. Don’t settle for the lowest amount of coverage on your auto insurance. Fork up the extra cash if you can…it’s worth if it if you cause an accident and don’t want to be sued (because the victim’s injuries are more than you are covered for) or are severely injured in an auto accident yourself. This is really really really not an area in which you should take the cheapest option. Trust me.

Posted on: 26 March, 2017
Linda H. Verified Client
Review on Yelp

Had a bad car accident which caused me to have a serious delayed whiplash problem and injury to my left leg and foot. I called to make sure the driver was ok because I was so concerned for her. She tried to sue me and I had to get an attorney. Attorney Omid Khorshidi came to the rescue!! I didn’t want to get an attorney even though it was her fault. She had twisted everything around to her benefit. Thank goodness for Attorney Khorshidi! He’s very thorough, professional and has great customer service skills toward his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone which I have done. Oh yes, he gets it done.

Posted on: 03 February, 2016

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