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The law firm’s attorneys and staff provide services in a multiple of languages including but not limited to Spanish, and Farsi.

We have recovered millions of dollars in personal injury verdicts and settlements.  The law firm handles personal injuries and all personal injury matters.

We represent clients who have sustained personal injuries from any accident or occurrence.  Some examples of injury causing incidents include motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, products liability, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents and work injuries.

Whether you have suffered a soft tissue injury that resolves in a short period of time, or a spinal injury or brain injury or wrongful death of a family member, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost earnings and earnings capacity, as well as pain and suffering.

We work with board certified medical doctors in all specialties, including but not limited to orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists, neuro-surgeons, psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, diagnostic facilities, pain management doctors, therapists, and other top credentialed and qualified experts who will evaluate you and treat your injuries, from whiplash injuries to broken bones, spinal injuries, disk herniations, nerve root impingements, burn injuries, cognitive impairment, brain injuries, and paraplegia.

If you were injured, or lost a loved one, due to an assault and battery, automobile accident, aviation accident, bicycle accident, boating accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident, bus accident, construction worker accident, dog bite, an explosion, or any other accident, we can help you.

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